What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

April 18, 2022
Engagement Rings

When getting engaged, the ring you choose to wear says a lot about you. A ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is an outward expression of love and commitment to someone special. There are many different types of engagement rings out there. 

As one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever wear, your engagement ring should reflect your style. At Bling Advisor, we can help you select the right diamond and settings to create a ring that is uniquely yours. We also offer various customization options, so you can design a truly one-of-a-kind ring. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trendy, we have an engagement ring design that will suit your taste. Schedule a consultation with us today to get started on designing your engagement ring.

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This blog post will discuss the most common types of engagement rings and what your engagement ring says about you! We will also talk about the meaning of an engagement ring, and why this piece of jewelry is such an important symbol in a relationship.

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

The Meaning of an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment. It is given to someone as a committed sign that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. The ring is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, as this finger is believed to have a vein that goes directly to the heart. Engagement rings are usually made of gold, silver, or platinum. They can be simple or elaborate, depending on the couple’s preference.

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Types of Engagement Rings and Their Meaning

When you get engaged, the ring you choose to wear says a lot about you. There are many different styles and settings of engagement rings out there, and each one has a unique meaning.

Oval-Cut: A True Fashionista

An oval diamond carries the same facets as the circular cutting but is slightly longer. This shape became popular during the ’60s and was an intense rival to the classic round cut. The oval shape increases the visual dimension of the diamond. It also masks clarity and color imperfections much more efficiently than a round cut. Lastly, an oval-cut engagement ring will give the fingers a slimmer look. 

You’re a true fashionista if you wear an oval engagement ring. It will attract attention and size matters!

The oval cut diamond is a beautiful, modern take on the classic round cut. It has become one of the most popular engagement rings and other fine jewelry shapes. The oval cut is versatile and flattering, making it a great choice for any woman. When looking for an engagement ring that is both trendy and timeless, the oval cut diamond is a perfect choice.

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Pear-Cut: Exuberant, Yet Stylish

A pear-shaped diamond is an unusual shape in engagement rings and is surprisingly eye-catching. This diamond shape catches the sunlight, enhancing its glow. The pear-cut engagement ring can fit many styles. Its versatility gives the wearer the ability to wear the ring with its sharp point up or down, thereby changing the piece’s appearance considerably. The pear-shaped diamond can also be placed horizontally on the wedding band, which can be a unique choice. A bride who chooses a pear-cut wedding ring tends to be a strongly opinionated woman.

You are not soft-spoken or timid, and you love expressing yourself in fun ways! A pear-cut engagement ring will show off those traits beautifully – it’s extravagant yet still classy enough for any occasion, a beautifully executed piece designed with creativity at its core. This ring shape will stand out and be one to remember.

Princess-Cut: Modern and Sophisticated

A princess-cut diamond is a more modern ring style; it is sleek and elegant. The shape of this diamond represents eternal love.

Princess cut diamonds look great with Solitaire rings for an authentic Royal look. The princess cut diamond shape features at least 50 facets, making it particularly sparkly. The stones can be rectangular or square. A longer shape makes your finger look slimmer, while the square diamonds give a more traditional look. Often the princess cut can be a less expensive option, but in no way does this make it a less stunning diamond.

The princess cut sticks to a classic look but with a modern touch. The sleek lines of the princess cut are perfect for those who want a sophisticated look with a contemporary edge. This cut is ideal for those who are confident and self-sufficient – you know what you want, and you go for it! The princess cut is also versatile – it can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood or the occasion.

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Marquise-Cut: A Powerful Character

The Marquise cut diamond is another trendy style that can say a lot about a bride’s personality. The Marquise cut is forgiving when it comes to the clarity of the diamond. Marquise is made up of 57 facets, creating a beautiful sparkling effect. 

This cut is perfect for brides with a unique sense of style and powerful character. You have the confidence to speak your mind and aren’t afraid to do so. You’re a charmer and an entertainer who exudes confidence and individuality. You aren’t any regular person to say the least. With a marquise cut ring, you can be sure that all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle.

Asscher Cut: A Versatile Personality

Asscher-shaped diamonds are widely available in many varieties. The Royal Asscher Diamond has 74 facets and large edges — the only diamond cut considered octagonal. This cut is another square-shaped diamond with cropped corners. While classic Asscher Diamonds have 58 facets with a perfect length/width ratio — they are ideal squares and usually have greater clarity than cushioned diamonds.

Your engagement ring is more than just a symbol of your love – it’s a statement piece that shows off your impeccable taste. This ring shows that you’re a romantic at heart and have a soft spot for anything vintage. The Asscher cut diamond shows you have an impressive imagination, and you’re drawn to timeless designs. You’re sincere, straightforward, and reliable. You have nothing to hide, and you’re always there for your friends and family when they need you.

Round Cut: Timeless Classic

A round-cut diamond is by far the most popular shape of diamond for engagement rings. This cut is classic and timeless, the round-cut shape representing never-ending love. The diamond has 58 facets, making you “shine bright like a diamond.” This cut really shows off the perfection of clarity and color of a diamond.

If you choose a round-cut, you most likely value tradition and have a timeless style. Whether you have a classic solitaire or a more elaborate setting, a round-cut diamond represents those who appreciate classic beauty. You aren’t interested in standing out from the crowd but instead prefer to focus your energy on things that will last, such as family.

Emerald-Cut: Elegant and Chic

An emerald-cut diamond ring tailors an elegant and subtle look. Emerald-cut diamonds usually have 57 facets and a rectangular form with cut-off corners imposing them. The emerald cut’s long facets or step-cut faceting creates a hall of mirrors effect.

An emerald-cut diamond is a perfect way to show that you are elegant and sophisticated but with an edge. The cut of the diamond creates a unique look that is both stylish and classic. It is the perfect choice for someone concentrating on becoming a better version of themselves, not just seeking the crowd’s approval. Emerald-cut diamonds are a great way to make a statement. They are the perfect way to show that you are confident and comfortable in your skin.

Cushion-Cut: You Love Old Time Glamor

The cushion-cut diamond, also known as the antique cushion cut, has been around since the 1700s. It has 58 to 64 facets and a softer appearance than the round or princess-cut diamonds, as it is a square-like form with rounded corners. Its lack of sharp edges prevents the diamond from snagging on clothing and hair. With their round corners and larger facets, cushion-cut diamonds have more fire than any other type of diamond. That means they’ll shoot off rainbow-colored flashes of light every time they catch the light. 

The cushion cut is best suited for brides who like a vintage look. You’re most likely feminine, genteel, and modest. You are sensible and loyal to your loved ones and avoid being too flashy as you don’t need to be the center of attention to feel confident.

Heart Cut: You’re an Attention Lover

If you hate seeing every girl wearing a similar shape, you’re sure to appreciate heart-cut rings. This is a perfectly unusual shape for the lover of unusual designs. The heart-shaped diamond ring includes 56 to 58 facets and is the ultimate symbol of love and romance.

If you wear a heart-shaped diamond ring, you believe in symbolism and individuality. After all, what could be a better symbol of love than a heart? Everything in your life has a reason, and everything you do exhibits a rare aesthetic or personality. Your choice of rings reflects this same attitude. You want something that is uniquely you, something with special meaning. A heart-shaped diamond ring is a perfect way to express your personality and love. It is a beautiful and timeless symbol of your commitment to each other. So wear your ring with pride, knowing that it represents the very best of who you are.

Radiant Cut: You’re a Modern Warrior

A radiant-cut diamond engagement ring has a chic square or rectangular shape. With its 70 facets, a radiant cut diamond has a silhouette similar to an emerald form, but its facets are cut more conventionally. The radiance cut diamond has an effervescent glitter that enthralls those who catch sight of it.

Wearing a radiant-shaped diamond ring is a beautiful way to show the world that you are ready to take on anything life throws at you. You are strong and confident, knowing what you want out of life. Your radiant diamond ring is a perfect reflection of your personality, and it is sure to be a source of pride and joy for years to come.

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Vintage Ring: You Love Uniqueness in Life

There is nothing quite like vintage jewelry when it comes to engagement rings. These rings are truly one of a kind, often featuring a style that can’t be found in stores nowadays. And while some pre-owned rings can cost significantly less than a new piece, each has its special history. 

If you enjoy history, this is the way to go. You’re romantic and creative, and maybe you like to daydream about past events, such as your ring’s love story. You have a lot of respect for traditions and are committed to maintaining them. You want to give back to the world by contributing timeless principles, and you’re probably against squandering resources on new items. It is a beautiful way to show your commitment to your fiancé and your shared future together.

Colored Gemstone: You’re Creative Soul

Gemstones can say a lot about you! The best alternative to diamonds is sapphire, emerald & ruby. You can even pick your beloved birthstone for your engagement ring.

Check out our collection of sapphire engagement rings, emerald engagement rings, and ruby engagement rings with Bling Advisor!

Whatever gemstone adorns your hand, one thing is certain: you are not blindly adhering to the rules. You prefer to go your own path rather than obey the rules or traditions. To you, individual, personal sentiments are more important than social status. You aren’t a materialist, but you do have a deep sense of appreciation for the finer things in life. Your gemstone engagement ring is a beautiful reflection of your personality, and it is sure to be a source of pride and great conversations for years to come.

Other Engagement Ring Styles: Be a Rule Breaker!

Perhaps you’re wearing a plain silver band or a locket pendant instead of an engagement ring. If this is the case, you certainly feel great about yourself for having such a fantastic perspective on life. Rules are made to be broken, and conventional norms don’t matter to you – and that’s completely fine!

Remember you can always customize your engagement ring with Bling Advisor! Learn if custom jewelry is for here by doing our quiz!

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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

What your engagement ring says about you: The Bottom Line

No matter what type of engagement ring you have, it is a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment. No matter what engagement ring you have, it is a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment. Wearing it with pride is the best way to show the world your choice and your style. It is a reminder of the wonderful day when you and your partner made a lifelong commitment to each other. So, no matter what your engagement ring says about you, remember that it is a beautiful reflection of your love for each other.

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