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Our custom process is as simple as 1, 2, 3: 

Submit your design inspiration—whether it’s a photo of a ring or a sketch on a napkin; we accept all ideas for projects big and small! 

We will start a 3D rendering of your project that can be manipulated to your liking.

When you approve your 3D CAD model, we will send you a resin model for final approval.

We’ll get started on your custom piece by casting the metal of your choice, setting the gems you select; then we will deliver your creation!

Custom Design

The Bling Advisor team can help you to create a custom piece of jewelry from scratch! Our team will walk you through the custom jewelry design process—from idea to delivered creation. Because the process is so simple, our services are available to everyone, even if you have no experience in jewelry design!

Only the Best

Amber and Kathleen work with the industry’s top jewelers, engineers, casting companies, and stone setters. Our team’s experience means we can find ways to improve the structural integrity of a piece of jewelry, and even find ways to save you money on your project without sacrificing quality. The Bling Advisor team gives you options every step of the way—you get to choose your materials and stones. We never cut corners by choosing subpar materials for you.

Save Time and Money

We have always delivered custom jewelry creations on time, even when there are tight deadlines. Your custom project goes straight to the top professional for the job—no waiting for an in-house jeweler. Our insider access to jewelers, designers, and goldsmiths can save you thousands of dollars off of book price. Our platform can take a $6k retail custom design project and accomplish it for $3,500-4,500! Send us your inspiration today and see how much you can save off of book price. Use your savings to upgrade your stone size or quality!

Jewelry Repair

We offer firm estimates for jewelry repair in writing and stick to that number from beginning to end. You will know the complete scope of the work being done. Repair work will be done under a microscope to get every detail just right! We work with expert laser welders that are trustworthy, top quality, and can finish your project at a reasonable price.

Jewelry Maintenance

We recommend having your piece inspected every six months for wear and gemstone security.

To keep your piece looking great, avoid wearing it around water. Chlorine damage from swimming pools and hot tubs can be very caustic to precious metals.

Put your jewelry on last to avoid getting cosmetics or perfumes on them, as these contain metallics. Avoid exposure to chemicals, mercury, or other caustic chemical exposure. You can clean most gemstones in a commercial jewelry cleaning solution—just don’t submerge pearls, emeralds, opals, or anything glued in or inlaid.

We also do not suggest regular polishing as microscopic amounts of metal are removed each time.

Prongs and shanks need to be built up every 5-20 years for gold alloys, depending on your level of daily activity and wear. Once or twice in a lifetime is all that’s needed for platinum.

Pendants and earrings don’t get the same wear as rings. Have these items checked once a year as they may need to be tightened, adjusted, repaired, or built up on occasion. The only gemstones we recommend for engagement and wedding rings, as they will be worn daily for decades, are diamonds, sapphires and rubies. All other gemstones are likely to be damaged much sooner, so be careful when choosing lesser gems for everyday jewelry.

Read more about our maintaining jewelry here

Our Guarantee

We work very closely with each customer to ensure we are designing exactly what you want. We guarantee that you will love your custom jewelry! If you are not completely satisfied with your design, notify us and we will modify, redesign, or restart your project.  

Read more about our Satisfaction Guarantee here.

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