The Ultimate Guys Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

December 10, 2020
Engagement Rings

You have reached one of the most exciting times in your life.  You know that she is the one and you have decided to make your desire to spend the rest of your life with her official.  Time to buy the perfect engagement ring!  What an exciting milestone—I mean, you are looking for a unique and special way to propose to the person you find so unique and special!  Along with all of the excitement, there are also nerves, questions, and many things that might leave you feeling overwhelmed. So follow this Ultimate Guys Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring!

Guys Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

Bling Advisor is here to help!  We have guided hundreds of happy customers to find the right engagement ring for their special moment.  Our advice can help you score points you can’t imagine. Check out this guy’s guide to buying an engagement ring for your beloved one!

You probably want to get your girl the biggest, best diamond engagement ring you can, to show her how much she means to you.  But you might wonder:

How do I find a ring with the right gemstone or diamond, style, and setting?

The key to finding the right style ring is knowing what your special someone loves!  Find out what style of engagement ring she is interested in by taking a peek at her Pinterest boards, talking to her close friends, or nonchalantly asking questions about her jewelry style.  After doing some research to understand her style best, find a few rings that she would love. 

Take note of each ring’s design aspects that make them unique and special and the designs that she loves.  

Creating a custom engagement ring is the best way to implement all the designs she loves into the right engagement ring!  

How do I balance the quality and price of an engagement ring?

This is such a good question.  Precious metal prices are high, and, sadly, many jewelry businesses cut corners when it comes to quality.  Make sure you are getting the best quality by asking about the width and thickness of the shank.  You don’t want the ring to wear out prematurely.  Ask or look for reviews regarding the design’s integrity to see if there are any problems with the supporting gallery structure or the prongs.  Know what the 4 Cs of diamonds are and how they affect the value of the stones.

Read about the 4 Cs of diamonds here!

There are so many places to shop for an engagement ring.  How can I make sure to buy from a trustworthy jeweler?

Do your research to find the right place to go ring shopping. Make sure to find a trustworthy jeweler before making your purchase.  Some shops might appear to sell quality rings, but they may cut corners in quality.  For example, even popular jewelry stores sell more pieces with low metal weight and fragile designs at high prices.  Shop from jewelers that have a reputation for good quality and transparency when it comes to pricing. 

Our mission is to create heirloom-quality pieces with excellent structural integrity.  At Bling Advisor, we believe that you should have options when it comes to pricing and quality.  Chat with one of our advisors today to learn about creating your perfect ring within your budget.  We can recommend the best quality materials and structural enhancements to make sure your ring lasts for generations.

How can I make sure the engagement ring I buy is different and unique?

To ensure the ring you purchase is the right ring, we recommend building her dream ring from scratch!  The best part about true custom jewelry is that your imagination is the limit.  You can implement all of the design elements she loves in one beautiful ring and make sure it matches your partner’s style perfectly.

Are you looking to create her dream ring?

Chat with one of our Advisors to get started!

And don’t forget to download our free guide with insider tips on buying an engagement ring.  (You won’t find these tips anywhere else!!)

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