What Are Lab Created Diamonds?

November 18, 2021

Bling Advisor is here to answer all of your questions about what are lab created diamonds and how we use lab created diamonds in our custom jewelry to save you money.

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Are Lab-Created Diamonds Real?

Simply put, yes! Unlike diamond lookalikes (cubic zirconia, moissanite, etc.), lab-created diamonds are real diamonds! Lab cultured diamonds are made up of the same composition as mined natural diamonds and have the same sparkle, clarity, and aesthetic as an earth mined diamond. Lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties. The human eye can’t distinguish a mined diamond from a lab created diamond. The only distinction between mined diamonds and lab-created ones (beyond their cost) is their source.

Want to learn more about moissanite, a popular diamond simulant? Read our blog post here!

How Are Lab Created Diamonds Made?

There are two methods for creating lab-grown diamonds. The process takes somewhere between several days and a few weeks. The first method is Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). It was the first process for creating lab diamonds, invented by William Eversole in 1952. It works by taking a natural diamond slice, or the tiny carbon seeds that come from pre-existing mined diamonds, and placing them in a chamber with high temperatures and pressure, along with gasses like methane and hydrogen. Carbon is freed as a reaction, and this grows new diamond crystals. The CVD process typically produces brown or gray diamonds that have to be turned colorless using another process called HPTP.

HPTP stands for High-Pressure High-Temperature and is another method used to create lab diamonds. This process mimics the extreme conditions that form natural diamonds in the Earth’s mantle. Much higher pressure and temperature are applied to a diamond seed placed in pure carbon, causing the carbon to melt, and a diamond forms around the seed. The HPHT process is also used to treat the hints of yellow or brown in natural mined diamonds, enhancing the stone’s color.

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Lab-Created Diamonds vs. Natural Earth Mined Diamonds

Because advanced lab processes can produce real diamonds, they are practically indistinguishable from mined diamonds and can be produced responsibly. Experts can see evidence of a diamond’s origin based on the growing process with advanced testing. Like mined diamonds, lab-created diamonds can have different cuts, color, clarity, and carat weight (also known as the 4 Cs). This means that you can find the quality and carat size lab diamonds you’re looking for for your jewelry project.

Lab-created diamonds have the same brilliance, sparkle, and hardness as naturally-occurring stones, and they can be appraised and insured just like natural mined diamonds. Your lab-created stone should come with a gem certification that identifies it as being lab-grown. Lab diamonds can be certified by gem grading labs like GIA, IGI, HRD, and GCAL. Although mining the chemicals used in diamond manufacturing requires less Earth moving than mining diamonds, manufacturing synthetic diamonds requires large amounts of energy. Both impact the environment. Although lab diamonds are arguably better for the environment, many mined diamonds are responsibly sourced and do good for the developing country where the mines are located. 

Ethical diamond mining has become a hot topic in recent years.

Many people would love to have a conflict-free, environmentally sustainable option to choose from when buying diamonds for their wedding rings or other fine jewelry. We all want to be able to feel good about our diamond choices. Conflict diamonds are mined in war-torn countries or where human rights abuses occur, funded by terrorist activities. Many people want to avoid purchasing conflict diamonds because they support the activities of terrorists and can contribute to war conflicts, including child labor practices. 

Conflict-free diamonds are sourced from non-conflict areas and mined in an environmentally responsible manner that does not impact the earth or local communities. You should consider a lab-created diamond if you want a conflict-free, ethically sourced diamond. Lab diamonds are always 100% pure, while natural mined diamonds may contain imperfections (inclusions).

How do you grade lab-grown diamonds?

When grading Lab Grown Diamonds, the same 4 Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat are applied. The four Cs grading system has been extremely popular with diamond experts worldwide. You can find more information about diamond grading here! 

What are the differences between mined diamonds and lab-created diamonds?

Mined diamonds require no manufactured intervention after being discovered on the Earth, whereas lab-created diamonds require a lot of advanced research, testing, growing, and processing. Mined diamonds come from deep inside the Earth’s mantle (160 to 260 kilometers or 100 to 160 miles below). The world’s oceans also hold a tremendous amount of diamonds.  Diamond recovery is actually more common at the bottom of the ocean than on land, at least historically speaking.

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What are the benefits of choosing a lab-grown diamond?

At Bling Advisor, we think that both natural and laboratory-grown diamonds are incredible for your ideal engagement ring. However, there are certain unique advantages to be aware of if you choose a lab-grown diamond. We wholeheartedly believe in your freedom to select what is most important to you when it comes to your engagement ring. If you want to spend less on a more considerable carat weight or higher quality diamond but still get the look and feel of a more expensive stone, a lab-created diamond may be the ideal option for you.

We’ll always give you the most fabulous lab-grown diamonds available on the market to make one-of-a-kind engagement rings.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab-grown diamonds have become extremely popular for engagement rings in recent years. Lab-grown diamonds are made by placing the material under high pressure and heat in a machine instead of being created naturally in the Earth. Research into lab-created diamonds has advanced considerably in recent years, allowing producers to create higher-quality diamonds more quickly and affordably. It has meant growing competition between lab-created diamond and mined diamond companies. 

As the popularity of lab-grown diamonds continues to grow, you can find them with more styles and settings than ever before. Even if you are not looking for an engagement ring with a lab-grown diamond, custom pieces made from them make great gifts for anniversaries or holidays. Synthetic diamonds offer an affordable, environmentally friendly way to give the gift of luxury.

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How much are lab-created diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds, with lab-grown stones typically costing as much as 50% less than the average purchase price of a natural diamond. This makes them an affordable option for brides on a budget or even for brides looking for alternatives like moissanite.

How are lab-created diamonds verified?

Check its grading report if you want to verify that your diamond is lab-grown. Along with specifying that it was grown in a lab, it will also indicate the diamond’s grade on all 4Cs, including carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. A grading report gives you peace of mind knowing your diamond is the quality you expect. While some may think that lab-grown diamonds can’t sparkle as bright as mined diamonds, that’s just not true.

Because no new mining is required to create a lab diamond, lab diamonds don’t carry the same responsible sourcing concerns. They can also be produced more cost-effectively, making them slightly more affordable than naturally-occurring diamonds. At Bling Advisor, we can help you find a lab-created diamond that costs you up to 50% less than a natural diamond. The best part? You have the same options for the 4 Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. 

Using Lab Diamonds in Custom Jewelry

Lab-grown diamonds can be used in custom jewelry in the same way as natural diamonds! Lab diamonds are an excellent choice if you want the brilliance and hardness of a diamond at a lower cost. Alternatives to mined diamonds are becoming more and more popular in engagement rings, but if you want a real diamond at less cost, a lab-created diamond is a way to go. Other options, like moissanites, are a popular choice, but they are not real diamonds.

We can help you find the right lab diamond for your custom jewelry project! Are you looking for a custom engagement ring? We can find the right lab diamond for you that will keep you on a budget! Our custom jewelry process saves you money every step of the way.

Whether you are looking to create a custom engagement ring or a customized gift to celebrate a special moment in your life, we are your Bling Advisors! We can put together a custom package that fits your budget and saves you hundreds, if not thousands, off of book price. We do true custom jewelry, meaning that we create your piece from scratch with all the details you desire, not based on a few standards, limited options. Send us your inspiration, and we will create the custom jewelry piece you have been dreaming of.

Start your custom jewelry project today.

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