22 Fine Jewelry Trends and Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

May 7, 2022
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What are the jewelry and engagement ring trends for 2022?

Searching for the perfect engagement ring is a challenging part of getting married. While traditional engagement rings are still popular amongst couples, sometimes you want to find something out-of-the-box.

By looking at trending jewelry styles—from re-emerging traditional styles to unorthodox new trends—there’s an engagement ring out there for any couple!

Jewelry Styles for Engagement Rings Trends for 2022

Let’s look at the up-and-coming engagement ring trends for 2022!


Rings with Pear Shape Stones

Choosing a setting with a pear-shaped stone, like this beautiful lab emerald and diamond ring, is an excellent versatile option as you can always choose to point the ring up or down.

Unique Engagement Rings

Be dazzled by an engagement ring that you’ve never even heard of before. Choose to go with bespoke engagement ring, or try something out of the box like a salt-and-pepper diamond ring in a halo setting.

Simple Engagement Rings: Solitaires

Classics become classics for a reason. Elegant and simple, rings like this crisp solitaire diamond engagement ring are well-suited for traditional couples who value simplistic beauty.

Picking Bridal Sets

Getting a bridal ring set is a great way to increase the glimmer on your finger. Pick a style that suits your personality by using several different rings to create an overall mood. Sets like this custom bridal set offer an organic flair that will make your ring stand out.

Double Band Engagement Rings

This engagement ring offers two bands for accent jewels to lay on, and larger rings are great for a person who likes a lot of bling. Options like BlingAdvisor’s fantastic moissanite and diamond engagement ring can offer just that kind of sparkle.

Choosing Metals: Rose Gold

Opting for a rose gold ring over other traditional metals can offer your engagement ring a bit more warmth than other metals do. Picking a rose gold ring like this one can add a sweet touch of color for a unique engagement ring.

Halo Rings

Halo-style rings offer a unique take on the more traditional solitaire styles and are a trending jewelry style in engagement rings. While the band can remain simple, a halo ring highlights the center stone. Rings like this round diamond halo engagement ring make a bold statement.

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Pick the best-suited ring by choosing to go with a colored stone instead of the classic white diamond. Try out a yellow diamond ring like this one, and see if different styles and colors of diamond are a better fit for your engagement.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Getting a different color of a diamond may not suit your engagement. Instead, choose to go with a gemstone. Sapphire is a popular gemstone alternative for traditional engagement rings, as are ruby stones like this stunning east-west facing ruby engagement ring.

Twisted Band Rings

Twisted band rings offer a romantic touch to any kind of stone setting you choose. They also add a touch of complexity to a simple solitaire or halo ring, like on this diamond halo ring. The curves create a sense of mystery and unmatched elegance.

Look for Vintage Finds

Another burgeoning trend in jewelry is looking for antique pieces to use for a modern engagement. Beautiful pieces like this vintage mine cut diamond ring can be perfect for adding that special flair of history and refinement.

Picking the Hidden Halo Style

While the traditional halo offers a bold bit of sparkle to the classic solitaire setting, the hidden halo offers its own touch of beauty. By keeping the halo lower on the setting, more bling is added to the side of the ring like in this fabulous platinum and rose gold triple halo engagement ring.

Rings with Oval Stones

Oval stones are an elegant style. They catch the light in any engagement ring setting like in this beautiful oval diamond halo engagement ring.

Trending Fine Jewelry Styles

Trending jewelry styles are taking a fascinating turn in 2022. Read on to hear about which styles you should make a part of your closet for the coming seasons!

What earrings are trending 2022?

Buying Jewelry Sets

While it’s always fun to mix and match from your pre-existing collection of jewelry, buying a set of matching jewelry can add elegance to your ensemble. Sets like this beautiful diamond pendant with earrings can make the perfect statement.

What’s trending in jewelry right now?

Collecting Custom Charms

Collecting charms is a hobby that many jewelry enthusiasts engage in, but you shouldn’t stop at collecting traditional charms. Order a custom gold paw-print pendant to add to your charm collection or wear it on its own!

Big Multi-Stone Rings

A big ring can make a big statement, and it’s also a trending jewelry style to be excited about. Mixing and matching rings with large stones be a conversation piece. Beautiful multi-stone rings like this one can make an amazing statement.

Chunky Gold Jewelry

Big statements are in next year, and a great way to make an impression with your jewelry is by wearing chunky gold pieces, like this fantastic vintage piece.

Embracing Pearls

Classic pearls are an elegant addition to your collection and will always be fashionable. Try out this beautiful pearl necklace and add some timeless glamor to your next outing.

Big Stones

A large single stone ring can offer you a big splash of color. Try out a ring like this vintage-inspired tourmaline piece to add a loud splash of green to your life.

What kind of necklaces are in style 2022?

Lariat Necklaces

Try mixing your trending jewelry inspirations by considering this pearl lariat necklace for your collection. 

Making a Nameplate Necklaces

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear your name around your neck! Nameplates are a great way to show people who you are and you can order a custom nameplate necklace here.

Getting Ready For 2022

Picking the right engagement ring can be difficult, but with this article looking into the trending jewelry styles of 2022, hopefully, you’ve uncovered new ring styles that fit your engagement perfectly. Even if you’re not looking to find the perfect ring to represent your relationship, you’ve got a lot of interesting jewelry trends to look forward to in the coming year. And remember, always keep BlingAdvisor in mind for all your jewelry needs.

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