Choosing November Birthstone Jewelry: An Introduction to Topaz and Citrine

May 8, 2022
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Individuals who were born in November have the unique pleasure of choosing from two birthstones: topaz or citrine. Both are beautiful gems that can be incorporated into sophisticated rings, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry.

Citrine comes in many shades of yellow and orange, while topaz comes in a veritable rainbow of colors. Both of the birthstones are considered to bring warmth and fortune to the wearer and boast calming energies.

These gems are both exceptional options for custom jewelry and can be paired with other stunning stones like diamonds. The real challenge for anyone born in November is deciding which of these gems to choose when selecting jewelry.

The Basics of the Stunning Citrine

The citrine can come in colors ranging from nearly transparent yellow to dark oranges that look nearly brown. It’s a quartz variety that has been placed in jewelry for centuries. This gem has a long history but is sometimes mistaken for topaz due to both being November birthstones.

In ancient Greece, citrines were carved into ornaments that sparkled across the landscape. Roman leaders often wore rings set with large purple amethysts and often included a touch of citrine. It was also popular in the Victorian era in Scotland and beyond.

Likely named for the French word for lemon, citron, citrine is also the traditional gift for a thirteenth anniversary. Today, most citrine is created through the heat treatment of amethysts. It’s available in a wide array of sizes and is an affordable yet highly popular yellow gemstone.

The main locations sourcing citrine include Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Spain, and Madagascar. Amethyst that is heat-treated to create the same color as a citrine comes largely from Brazil.

What You Need To Know About Topaz

Topaz is one of those special gems that come in hues ranging from light blue and orange to yellow, violet, brown, pink, and occasionally, red. Most of the modern blue topaz today is created by treating colorless topaz with heat and irradiation.

The word topaz may come from the Sanskrit word tapas, which means fire. It could also be traced back to the Greek word topazos. Throughout history, many believed this gem gave extra strength. Europeans from the 1300s through the 1600s thought this gem could dispel anger and stop magic spells. In addition, it was believed to create long life, intelligence, and beauty when worn over the heart in India.

The orange and pinkish Imperial topaz has also been worn by royalty throughout history. It is believed to have been given this name based on the Russian royal’s insistence that the best colors of the gem be kept only for royal use. However, others say that the Imperial dates back to 1898 when Brazilian Emperor Pedro II visited Ouro Preto and was gifted a reddish topaz.

The Imperial topaz is the gem for a 23rd anniversary, while the blue topaz is associated with the fourth anniversary of marriage.

One of the top sources for topaz is Minas Gerais in Brazil. It has been mined there for two centuries. Some of the colors found here include yellow, red, violet, orange, pink, and blends with red and purple or orange. Northwestern Pakistan is also known for the production of pink topaz.

Considerations When Choosing November Birthstone Jewelry

There are several things to consider when choosing citrine or topaz jewelry for yourself or a loved one. Choosing between the two gems is only a small part of the process. You should also think about:

·  The four most important value factors of a gemstone.

·  The distinct types of jewelry available with topaz and citrine

·  Some of the best color options for your piece of jewelry

·  Whether to choose mass-produced or custom jewelry items

It’s important to note that your own preferences are what matter here. Think about colors you enjoy, what matches other clothing you wear, and which occasions you plan to wear the jewelry. In addition, the four C’s, which we’ll get into momentarily, can have a large effect on the price you pay for a piece.

The Four C’s and November Birthstones

Before we get into types of jewelry and custom vs. mass-produced pieces, we want to share some information about the four C’s. These are factors involved with any gemstone, not just citrine and topaz, encompassing color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

Each of these things comes into play when determining the visual offered by the jewelry you choose. All four can also impact the cost and value of the gemstones used in a ring or necklace.

The Four C’s of Topaz

·  Color – One of the most in-demand colors of topaz is red, while it represents less than ½ of a single percent of all high-grade topaz taken from the ground. In addition, the color considered Imperial topaz is also extremely rare and valuable. Therefore, many dealers require stones show a reddish color to be designated Imperial topaz.

·  Clarity – In general, no inclusions will be visible to the eye when viewing a faceted blue topaz. However, with rare colors like pink and red, additional inclusions can be seen and still represent a valuable gem based on how rare the color is.

·  Cut – This gemstone can be cut in many styles and shames. You’ll find jewelry with topaz with shapes like rounds, ovals, pears, triangle cuts, emerald cuts, marquise shapes, and cushion cuts. There are also designer-exclusive shapes that break all the rules.

·  Carat Weight – Standard cuts of topaz come in many weights, shapes, and sizes. For instance, an Imperial topaz will rise in price quickly as the size increases. However, with a more common blue topaz, the price will only rise a little by the gemstone’s size.

Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight of Citrines

·  Color – The most desired citrine colors are saturated and include very little or no brown. These gems can range from reddish-orange to yellow and even largely orange with a touch of a red hue.

·  Clarity – Most of the best citrines on the market are free of any visible inclusions. When minor inclusions are present, the gems are often used for carvings or cabochons. If pale-colored gems have visible inclusions, this tends to greatly reduce the citrine’s value.

·  Cut – Citrine can be cut into many fancy shapes and is often created in custom styles. Most of the cutting styles are calibrated using standard millimeter sizes for use in mass-produced jewelry.

·  Carat Weight – For those who enjoy bold jewelry designs, a citrine is an excellent option. Even large citrine doesn’t tend to be significantly more expensive than smaller ones. In addition, unlike some colored gemstones, smaller citrines often have strong color. This makes it easier to pair differently sized gems.

Now that you have a better understanding of these facets, we can talk about the different kinds of citrine and topaz jewelry you can choose from.

Types of Citrine and Topaz Jewelry

Both topaz and citrine jewelry is available in many shapes, sizes, and types. If you are choosing jewelry for yourself, think about your preferences when choosing between these two gemstones. Likewise, those buying November birthstone jewelry for others should know the recipient’s preferences to select a gift that will be appreciated and worth with excitement.

For instance, some people enjoy wearing all kinds of jewelry, from rings to necklaces and earrings. Others might opt to wear only rings or prefer a pendant or bracelet. It’s also a clever idea to consider when the jewelry will be worn. For example, are you looking for an item worn every day or only to sophisticated events?

After choosing the right gemstone and type of jewelry, the next step is assessing different stones and specific jewelry pieces.

Reasons To Choose Custom Topaz or Citrine Jewelry

There are several reasons to select custom jewelry for yourself or someone you care about. First, the type of jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind and allows the person wearing it to show off their style. It can be flashy and large, small and elegant, or anything in between.

Custom jewelry also makes an excellent keepsake as a gift. It’s often made of a higher quality and can last through several generations. In addition, a unique ring or brooch can be created to complement or coordinate with other jewelry or a specific outfit.

Pairing Jewelry with Precious Metals and Other Stones

With the huge number of color options between topaz and citrine gemstones, they can be used in all sorts of fixtures. Some work best with lighter metals and others look stunning with darker hues. Deeper colors tend to work well with platinum and white gold, while lighter gemstones can complement a darker metal.

In addition, these stones can be paired with other gems for a unique combination. The rule of thumb here is to pair your citrine or topaz with only one other stone to avoid overdoing it. Diamonds are often the top choice for pairing with either of these November birthstones.

Selecting Gorgeous Jewelry That Stands the Test of Time

Citrine and topaz are versatile gemstones that can enhance the visual of any vintage or modern jewelry piece. They are available in many hues, can be cut in all sorts of styles, and help create jewelry sure to turn heads.

However, it’s important to be informed when choosing November birthstone jewelry. Select the right cut and color and consider custom-designed jewelry that combines unique style and beauty to create a piece of jewelry you can truly be proud of.

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