Professional Jewelry Repair Services from Our Expert Team at Bling Advisor

We offer professional online jewelry repair services to keep your favorite pieces looking their best. Our services include repair and restoration, laser welding, stone replacement, pearl and bead restringing, and laser and hand engraving. Our team also offers online consultation so that you can get the most accurate written estimate for your repair needs.

Are you looking for reliable, experienced, affordable jewelry repair? We recommend that you get three quotes anytime you have jewelry repair work done. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your requested repair!

Our top advisory consultants have over 100 years of combined experience with repair and restoration services using laser welding, and we know how to make the jewelry repair process easy and anxiety-free for our clients.

Stone Replacement

We understand that losing a stone from your jewelry can be frustrating. We offer sourcing and matching stone replacement services on all gems and diamonds, including specialty cuts of all types. We will have your piece looking good as new(or better) so that you can wear it with confidence!

We use only the highest-quality stones in our replacements. Learn more about the jewelry stone replacement service.

Metal Work and Repairs

Jewelry damage is a part of life for any jewelry owner, whether it’s a sudden accident or the consequence of years of wear and tear. We all have a few pieces that were damaged many years ago but never repaired. Whatever the problem, don’t allow a little damage to keep you from wearing your favorite jewelry.

Bling Advisor helps you get any type of metal repair on chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or any other fine jewelry piece that needs some extra loving care. You won’t regret the quality work you receive with Bling Advisor, and it will be well below repair book prices! Make an inquiry and get a quote today!

Prong Repairs

Over time, prongs can become worn or damaged, which can cause stones to become loose or fall out completely. If you notice that your stone is loose, it is important to have your jewelry fixed as soon as possible to prevent losing the stone. Our team will inspect your piece and determine the best course of action to secure your stone and prevent future damage. Bling Advisor uses laser technology to provide a variety of repairs for prongs used for diamonds, gems, and other settings.


Cultured pearls are frequently strung on silk thread with a knot between each pearl. If the necklace were to break, all of the pearls would be prevented from falling. It also prevents them from rubbing against one another. When you wear your pearl necklaces frequently, the silk thread becomes vulnerable to wear and tear. The delicate silk may stretch and weaken, so if you notice extra space between the knots that separate the pearls from each other, it’s time to restring your necklace. We restring all types of pearl and beaded jewelry. Our experts will confidently handle your most delicate pearl and precious stone beads. It’s best to restring pearl necklaces and beaded jewelry for security and durability at least every five years.

Heat Sensitive Repairs

Jewelry pieces with heat-sensitive stones can be challenging to repair and can drive the cost up to the point that in many cases it becomes cost-prohibitive. Bling Advisor provides modern laser repair solutions to complete these sensitive repairs using technology to reduce costs and enhance quality. Our laser technicians have been using welding technology to make heat-sensitive repairs since 2000. This method is much safer for many heat-sensitive color gems such as emeralds, opals, turquoise, and coral. It also eliminates the need to remove all the stones from the piece of jewelry during the repair process, saving you time and money. Laser welding is a precise process that allows us to make minimal and delicate repairs. This method is perfect for repairing cracks, broken prongs, and settings that secure your valuable gems.

Channel Repairs

Does your jewelry with channel set designs need some repair or maintenance? At Bling Advisor, we offer jewelry channel repair services to repair and restore worn channels and/or gauges to keep your fine jewelry pieces looking beautiful. Channel-set diamonds or stones are set in rows with walls of gold keeping the stone in place. A channel can contain one or several stones. Channel-set gems can be just about any shape stone, with the most common being round, square, and baguette shaped. Channel repair involves replacing the metal walls or strips in a jewelry piece that secures the diamonds or gemstones in place. We understand the importance of preserving these pieces for future generations. We have been providing professional channel repair services for many years, so we have the skills, experience, and knowledge required to get the repair work done right. Let us help you restore your jewelry to its original glory!

Jewelry Maintenance

Are you looking for a jewelry cleaning, maintenance, and restoration service that you can trust? Look no further than our expert team! We offer professional cleaning services that will leave your jewelry looking new. We also offer tightening, enameling, antiquing, and rhodium plating services. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible jewelry maintenance experience for our customers.

Jewelry Appraisal and Insurance

When it comes to your most cherished possessions, you want to make sure that they are protected in the best way possible. That is why jewelry appraisal and insurance services are so important. Bling Advisor offers jewelry appraisals using the Zing professional appraisal platform. We also can insure your jewelry through Jewelers Mutual.

Your jewelry is unique and holds a lot of sentimental and monetary value, so you need to ensure that it is properly taken care of. If your jewelry is valuable, it’s essential to keep it appraised and insured. The Zing appraisal platform from Jewelers Mutual provides extensive resources to make sure your jewelry is properly insured.

Why Choose Online Jewelry Repair

Benefits of online jewelry repair

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your valued jewelry damaged. In the past, the only option to have your jewelry fixed was to go into a jewelry shop. Now you can have it restored to bring it back to its original condition without having to find a jewelry shop in your neighborhood.

Although this is still a viable option, it typically means you have to pay a heavy repair fee based on industry book prices. Today, many more cost-effective, trustworthy, high-quality methods exist to repair jewelry.

Online jewelry repair is a professional option.

A digital jewelry repair shop works similarly to a traditional jewelry store with increased convenience and transparency.

You won’t have to worry that the quality of your item will suffer or that it will not be returned in excellent shape. In reality, as the jewelry market evolves, many jewelers with decades of expertise are moving online.

When you have your jewelry repaired by an online jeweler, you’re supporting these professionals and helping to advance the Digital Jewelry Repair sector. Online jewelry repair services adhere to the same high standards as brick-and-mortar stores. For example, all pieces are meticulously examined for quality by a lead jeweler before they leave the facility, just like in a physical shop.

Access to seasoned, expert jewelers

Bling Advisor collaborates with jewelers who have done laser repair and restoration work for big jewelry brands and big box stores for decades. Our lead jewelers are known as the “Jeweler’s Jeweler” for their ability to perform what is considered to be “impossible” when it comes to very challenging repairs and custom work. They’ve created THOUSANDS of beautiful custom jewelry pieces. They are also known for frequently repairing “botched” jewelry that was repaired at other popular jewelry brand stores.

The repair technicians behind the Bling Advisor platform have performed over ONE MILLION repairs and restorations. Over 70 MILLION pulses have been logged in on five different lasers in over twenty years.

When you choose to use our online platform, you will have access to these seasoned, expert jewelers no matter where you live in the US and Canada.

When you choose to use our online platform, you will have access to these seasoned, expert jewelers no matter where you live in the US and Canada.

Online jewelry repair is extremely convenient

The best part of online jewelry repairs is that it is so convenient! All you have to do is go online using your phone, computer, or tablet, choose the service you require and simply mail in your items. Online representatives are available to give you a quote, offer maintenance and aesthetic advice, and walk you through the process until delivery.

Online jewelry repair is quite affordable

Jewelry repair can come at a very hefty price. However, if you choose to have your jewelry repairs done online, you will get comparable services below industry repair book prices. The savings can be significant in almost all cases.

Why is online jewelry repair a more economical option? Many brick-and-mortar jewelry retailers, including big chain retail outlets, use the standard industry mark-ups associated with the industry’s repair book prices. Many shops outsource some or all of their repairs. In addition to the high repair prices, they have to charge more to cover shipping fees and their overhead expenses.

Many shops have their own repair technicians on site. They claim that “repairs are about trust not price”. Our repair platform is about both: trust and price! By using our online repair option, you’re directly placing an order with a top repair shop and eliminating unnecessary high markups.

Here is a cost comparison example with the top five repair options in the country:

A white gold engagement ring needs the following five repairs:

  1. A new 6 prong crown to secure the one carat round center stone.
  2. Retip twenty tips on accent stones.
  3. Size up one size.
  4. Tighten the twenty side stones.
  5. Polish and rhodium plate the white gold.

Industry average cost of repair based on book prices: $638.00 or more.

Bling Advisor Jewelry Service Center: $390.00

Online jewelry repair is a quicker process

Another disadvantage of the ‘old school’ repair approach is that it’s extremely time-consuming due to inefficient tracking systems and operational chains. Why? Because jewelry stores and “brick-and-mortar” jewelry repair shops usually don’t have repair services on-site. They send repairs to external facilities, extending the repair duration due to shipping and logistics. With online jewelry repair, your item will be sent to one single location: our repair facility.

Online jewelry repair requires low effort

One of the finest aspects of online mail-order jewelry repair is that you don’t have to leave your house for the most part. The majority of the process takes place in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is ship the items by dropping them off at a shipping location! After it gets repaired, your order is shipped straight to your home.

Do you have more questions about how online jewelry repairs work?

We’re always delighted to assist or clarify anything about the repair procedures.

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