What Are Canadamark Diamonds?

December 13, 2019

Canadamark Diamonds

What Are Canadamark Diamonds

Diamonds are an important part of the jewelry industry, but have you ever been concerned over the origins of your diamonds?  Many are turning away from traditional diamonds in search of responsibly mined gemstones and even lab-created stones.  Responsible sourcing is very important here at Bling Advisor!  We work with trusted diamond providers, like Canadamark!

We are proud to feature Canadamark diamonds at Bling Advisor.  Canadamark diamonds come from the Ekati and Diavik mines in a remote region of Canada near the Arctic Circle.  These sustainably sourced diamonds are independently tracked through audited processes from origin to polished stones, which is why we trust Canadamark!  Canadamark diamonds are mined from mines that follow strict environmental agreements between local Aboriginal groups and the territorial and federal government.  

In 1990, diamonds were first discovered in Canada’s Northwest Territories.  Since their discovery, the diamond mines have a track record of protecting the integrity of local land, water, and wildlife.   The Canadian government places stringent regulations on mining to ensure that the environment is not harmed during the diamond mining process.  Canadamark goes above and beyond following these regulations!  They promise to “cut diamonds, not corners,” throughout their process.  

If you are looking for a beautiful custom jewelry piece, like a custom-made engagement ring with a beautiful, sustainably sourced diamond, you have come to the right place!  Bling Advisor’s team of passionate professionals will help you every step of the way to bring your creation to life!  We can help you to choose a brilliant diamond from Canadamark that will bring you joy and strengthen an entire community that believes in sustainability.

Why Candamark Diamonds?

  • We trust Canadamark because of its passion for sustainability and respect for local people and wildlife in the Northwest Territories.
  • The Canadamark team pays the greatest attention to detail and creates brilliant gems that can bring your custom-made engagement ring, or other custom jewelry project, to life!
  • At Bling Advisor, we also help you to find exactly what you are looking for.  Chat with us today about including a Canadamark diamond in your custom jewelry piece.


Send us your design today!  We can help you find the ideal diamond for your project.

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