A Girl’s Best Friends — Moissanite vs Diamond

Moissanite vs Diamond

Marilyn Monroe famously declared, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Millions still agree with her statement. While nothing sparkles exactly like a diamond, Marilyn passed away before the advent of laboratory-produced moissanites (named after Nobel-prize-winning Scientist Henri Moissan). What are moissanites, and how do they compare to diamonds in appearance, value, and durability?

In 1893, Nobel-prize-winning scientist Henri Moissan discovered these beautiful gems in an ancient meteor crater located in Arizona. Due to their appearance and hardness, Moissan mistakenly believed these rocks were diamonds created by the heat and impact of the meteor! How romantic is that?!? Gemstones that were literally created from the heavens! However, in 1904, Moissan identified these beautiful gems as approximately 70% Silicon and 30 % Carbon, while diamonds are almost entirely made up of Carbon. In the late 1990s, moissanites began being produced in laboratories. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that moissanites do well compared to diamonds in appearance, value, and durability.  

Moissanite vs Diamond Sparkle

Professionals grade diamonds on the 4 Cs—cut, clarity, color, and carat.  Read more about the 4 Cs in this post.  Moissanites are graded on color and clarity, and Charles and Colvard and generic brands come in a wide range of colors and clarities, just like diamonds.  Moissanites and diamonds have a different kind of brilliance.  Diamonds reflect light in three different ways, making them the king of sparkle. 

Moissanites have a different facet pattern than diamonds, and because of this, they emit rainbow flashes in sunlight. The bigger the gemstone, the more noticeable these rainbow flashes are.  Some love the look of the sparkle moissanite emits, but others dislike the colored flashes of light.  The different type of sparkle is what sets these two stones apart.  If you are looking for a classic and incomparable sparkle, a diamond will be your best friend.  If you are looking for an excellent, budget-friendly diamond alternative with its own signature sparkle, moissanite is right for you! Some have concerns about choosing a large moissanite center stone because of possible appearance issues. Still, we at Bling Advisor would love to help you design a custom-designed piece that uses both moissanites and diamonds so that you can have a look you love and stay on budget!  

Value of Moissanite vs. Diamond

Because moissanites are created in a laboratory, they offer significant savings compared to diamonds occurring in nature that must be mined. They also do not have the same ecological or humanitarian impacts many are concerned with. Diamonds sourced by Bling Advisor go through strict industry standards to ensure they are conflict-free. Diamonds can also be lab-created to ensure that they are sourced ethically, environmentally-friendly and offer savings compared to a natural diamond.

Moissanite Durability

Are moissanites as durable as diamonds? Not quite. On the Mohs Scale, Diamonds are the hardest known mineral scoring a 10 for hardness. Moissanites score 9.25 using the same scale. Both can confidently be worn daily. Because diamonds are harder than moissanites, diamonds could scratch your moissanites or any other gems that may be considerably lower on the Mohs scale—store both your diamonds and moisannites separately from other gemstones, so they do not scratch them.

Which is right for you?

Moissanites and diamonds are nearly identical in appearance to the average person. Both are two of the hardest gemstones man has discovered, have timeless elegance and brilliance, last for generations, and are excellent for daily wear. Which one is right for you or your loved one? That totally depends on personal choice. If you have social or environmental concerns regarding naturally mined diamonds or would like a stone comparable to the beauty of a diamond with less cost, moissanites are a stunning option. If you are more of a traditionalist with less budget restriction and are looking for timeless, prestigious stone, diamonds will not disappoint. Diamonds and moissanites are a girl’s best friends! Looking for care tips for your fine jewelry with diamonds or other gemstones? Read our post on jewelry care here!

This link will explain more about custom designing your jewelry pieces; we are here to help! 

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