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custom jewelry - who is it for?

Designing Custom Jewelry When choosing a gift for ourselves or others, most of us appreciate options! Who hasn’t seen a piece of clothing in a store and thought it would be fabulous if only it was a bit longer or a different color? We live in a society where options are expected. However, as consumers, […]

how to choose the best engagement ring

You have reached one of the most exciting times in your life.  You know that she is the one and you have decided to make your desire to spend the rest of your life with her official.  Time for ring shopping!  What an exciting milestone—I mean, you are looking for a unique and special way […]

Bling Advisor Fine Jewelry Gift Guide for Every Personality Are you looking for the perfect fine jewelry gift for someone special in your life??  If you are, Bling Advisor has you covered!  We have amazing fine jewelry gifting solutions for every type of personality.  Take a look at our winter gift guide so you can […]

Read about a custom Bling Advisor project for Gem Gossip!

Maintenance and Care of Jewelry From the moment a vehicle becomes yours, you regularly clean and maintain it to limit the wear and tear that naturally comes through use. You follow the scheduled maintenance found in the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. Even the tires require proper maintenance and care because as soon as […]

Many little girls have been transformed into princesses as they try on their grandmother’s strand of pearls. Pearls have a long and interesting history to be sure! The classic, elegant look is timeless. From ancient Egypt to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and down to today pearls continue to mesmerize us. As the world’s oldest gem, its […]

What is September's birthstone? The sapphire is a gift as old as time; it is a classic romantic offering that speaks of the everlasting love that two people can share. The Greeks and Romans believed that the wearer of sapphires was protected from all kinds of evil. They also believed that this gem brought immense […]

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